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CPD certified digital safeguarding training from the experts at eSafe

Regular online safety training is a must for professionals dealing with children and young people.

Our highly experienced team of online safety experts, immersed in the online world and the present dangers, deliver a wide range of CPD certified training sessions to local authorities, schools and colleges across the UK.

The online world brings many positives and possibilities, but it’s full of risks and constantly in flux. Unsurprisingly, then, it can be difficult for professionals working with children and young people to understand the role the plethora of online platforms play in their lives - and the associated risks. Yet this understanding is necessary to be able to successfully support them, and to deliver the statutory obligations laid out by the Department for Education (KCSiE, last updated Sept 2020).

That’s why we offer online safety training and awareness courses to all audiences – leadership teams in local authorities, schools and colleges, teaching staff, parents/carers, governors and trust members - including the learners themselves.

The feedback was really good following the training sessions [to Tameside secondary schools and LA staff] and inspired school staff to go back to their respective schools to review their safeguarding arrangements. 

Tania Brown - Safeguarding Advisor for Education, Tameside Local Authority

Session Breakdown 

Our sessions can be virtual or face-to-face and range from half day (4 hours) to full day (7 hours) and are specifically tailored to your audience. We cover a range of online safety topics according to your particular needs, including new and emerging online behaviour trends, gaming, social media, digital resilience and Prevent.

Our parent and carer sessions focus on the latest online trends, advice on where to seek help and support, strategies for engaging with children and creating a safe and positive digital environment for the family.

Interactive games and reflective tasks help cement the key lessons.

Why train with eSafe? 

Established in 2009, eSafe currently monitors the digital behaviour of more than 1,000,000 learners in the UK. Founded on the belief that nothing is more important than ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of children and young people and keeping them safe from harm, we work tirelessly to keep up with the fast-moving and ever-changing risks in the online space and so we’re 'always on', always fully immersed in the digital world to maintain our deep understanding of it, and the dangers present, at any point in time. This is fundamental to the effectiveness of the service we provide our clients with: when it comes to safeguarding children and young people, we’re not just looking for data, we’re seeking to understand context and meaning.

  •  Half and full day sessions available

  • Tailored to your needs and audience

  • Fully up to date with the latest legislation, guidance and best practice advice
  • Wide range of topics

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Thank you again for the training yesterday. The staff were still talking about how good it was after you left….. everyone appreciated the knowledgeable and friendly tone you had. Other Esafety CPD people have been a bit too scaremongering. I’ll be following up with staff to ensure it is part of lessons and circle time. I will also look into another parent session.

Nicholas Comer - Cheadle Primary