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The most effective way to make hidden risks 


Improving the welfare and wellbeing of students and staff alike

Listen to some of our primary school leaders explain how eSafe's digital safeguarding service helps them not only protect pupils from risks to safety, but also with the promotion of their welfare and wellbeing.

Safeguarding isn’t optional, it’s an obligation.

Today more than ever before, we all have a duty of care to enhance the welfare and wellbeing of pupils and provide them with the best protection we possibly can.

To reinforce this fact, the Department for Education’s KCSIE initiative made it a statutory requirement for schools to monitor the activity of anyone using school-owned devices to access the digital environment. And one of the key benefits of the requirement is that it can give visibility to safeguarding risks which would otherwise go under the radar.

Giving you the tools to get it right.

Unlike any other system, eSafe’s TripleLock system is able to detect the early signs of risk, enabling you to respond quickly with intervention strategies that are much more likely to succeed.

By complementing the eyes and ears of teaching staff, together with intelligence from external agencies and information provided by parents and carers, eSafe also highlights where focus and efforts are needed so you can align your team resources effectively.

Another beneficial feature of the eSafe system is its structured protocol, which ensures that incidents are escalated in real time and on a daily or weekly basis, according to their severity. This means that only genuine incidents are ever reported, enabling you to focus in the right places and on the pupils and staff who need support.

Using eSafe to monitor and immediately deal with any incidents greatly contributed to our school becoming the first primary school in the country to gain the silver level Anti-bullying Quality Mark. Children have quickly become aware that homophobic, racist or any other name-calling is not tolerated in any form and can be tracked using the eSafe service.

Margaret Thomas - Headteacher, Mersey Park.

Safeguarding more than just your students.

As well as helping you to ensure the safety, welfare and wellbeing of your pupils, eSafe can do the same for your teaching staff by alerting you to potential problems. For example, by spotting the early signs of stress and mental health issues. And with absence sickness levels continuing to rise, this allows you to proactively protect your staff and lessen the impact on your budget.

Helping your school to flourish.

As the market leader in online and device monitoring for safeguarding, eSafe gives you the reassurance that you are providing the very highest standards of protection for your pupils and staff. But the benefits don’t end there. By giving you visibility of what’s really going on inside your school, eSafe provides an ongoing ‘health check’, thereby enabling you to direct and shape your pastoral agenda according to the specific needs and challenges of your school at any point in time.  This ultimately helps you to maintain your own culture standards and instil British Values.

The latest DfE guidance states that you must have early visibility of markers of harmful and inappropriate behaviours, so that intervention strategies can be put in place to stop the risk from escalating.

Reality Check.

Does your current monitoring system deliver all of this?

Detect risks from static images that may be viewed or shared by users without accompanying text.
Detect risks from moving images.
Transcend language and cultural barriers.
Recognise all the latest behaviour trends (international, national and local) to ensure no risk goes undetected.
All safeguarding incidents detected by the technology reviewed by specialist behaviour analysts.
Monitor users inside and outside of education hours, in term time and holidays too.
Monitor users when they aren’t connected to your server.
Provide an accurate baseline that’s needed to plan and measure the effectiveness of intervention strategies required by the Inspectorate.

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