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Listen to Damian Hodkinson, Software & IT Development Officer for Stockport MBC, explain how easy it is to install, deploy and maintain eSafe on his network of more than 100 schools, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that risks to safety, welfare and wellbeing are being monitored by a team of specialists 24/7, 365 days a year.

Monitoring is all that we do.

Every young person has the right to feel protected. That’s why the the DfE, and their ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ guidance, made it a statutory requirement for schools and colleges to monitor the activity of anyone using their establishments’ devices to access the digital environment. This guidance places the responsibility for safeguarding (and providing evidence of such) firmly on the shoulders of the senior leadership teams.

And that responsibility should not then be passed onto the technical team in charge of the network as monitoring to detect risks to safety, welfare and wellbeing requires specialists with the knowledge, skills and time to handle the entire process expertly. Those specialists are eSafe.

eSafe is the most effective monitoring service there is.

Thanks to the TripleLock system which makes eSafe market leaders in protecting students and staff, we’re proud to be able to provide the most effective fully outsourced monitoring system there is, and therefore help leadership teams meet their responsibilities and statutory duties.

Unlike other monitoring solutions, eSafe is not a technical solution for network managers to maintain. Rather, it is managed remotely by a specialist team of experts and does not impact the network or the workload of the network management team.

We outsourced our monitoring [of activity on our computers in the 100 schools in SMBC] to eSafe because we recognised we needed behaviour specialists who knew what they were looking for. They’re the experts: they not only have the skills to spot the subtle signs of safeguarding risks but they can also do this across the languages our students are using. We aren’t trained to do this. Without eSafe in place we’d potentially be compromising the safety of our students.

Damian Hodkinson - Software & IT Development Officer, Stockport MBC

The best solution for you and your students.

By taking the responsibility from you, eSafe gives you more time to focus on your other pressing issues. More importantly, however, it also ensures that any risks to students’ safety, welfare and wellbeing while using school or college devices in the digital environment will be detected early so the safeguarding team can intervene fast.

That’s because our TripleLock system is the only solution which combines intelligent detection technology, dynamic threat libraries and specialist behaviour analysts who are capable of detecting even the most subtle warning signs of risk. What’s more, our threat libraries are constantly updated by our InsightLab team who work tirelessly to ensure we’re always up to date with the very latest terms, trends and nuances in vocabulary associated with risk.

Our threat library is dynamically tuned almost on a daily basis. If a new code word for heroin appears somewhere in the world, for example, we absorb that into the threat library. Then we’re looking for that code word being viewed or used by someone when they’re writing on a computer or in a chat sequence etc.

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Reality Check.

Can you say this about your monitoring system?

It’s a total safeguarding solution, rather than a piece of detection software, that’s provided by experts and not funded from the IT budget.
Testing and installation is easy; deployment, using your preferred deployment tools, is fast and there’s no impact on the speed of the network.
It eliminates the time and cost of administering hosted servers and server applications.
It takes away the burden of backup, archiving and all software updates.
It has a dedicated team with the specialist knowledge and experience to identify, interpret and assess all incidents to identify the early warning signs of risk to safety, welfare and wellbeing.
It escalates serious safeguarding risks in real time, without your involvement.
It removes your exposure to disturbing content, that’s often illegal, including life threatening and child abuse behaviour.
It frees up your time so you can concentrate on your core network responsibilities.