The Challenge

Protecting the health, safety and welfare of students and staff in today’s digital world is a difficult task. The opportunities for unsafe and harmful behaviour are magnified, and meeting your statutory safeguarding obligations is an increasing challenge.

At eSafe, it is our mission to provide a secure framework to exploit the vast educational resources of the Internet and digital environment whilst delivering a world-class service to identify and manage safeguarding issues as they arise.

eSafe manages the risk of exposure to safeguarding risk and provides early visibility of inappropriate behaviour via sophisticated, multi-lingual, threat detection technology and a unique specialist incident review, assessment and escalation service.

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About Us

eSafe is a specialist world-class forensic monitoring service designed to help safeguard students and staff against the risks they encounter every day.

Using a proven combination of technology and human behavioural expertise, eSafe helps protect in excess of 400,000 students and staff, and vulnerable young people in local authority care.

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Who we are


Westminster Academy

Smita Bora - Principal

... and it is absolutely brilliant for detecting self-harm issues, depression and suicide, gang activity etc. I gave an example of how the programme helped me to prevent what could have been a very serious case of undetected anorexia but there are many others such case studies.”

Our Lady of Grace Primary School

Pat Jones - Headteacher

Such positive and immediate feedback enables early behaviour modification and prevents more serious problems as they grow older. eSafe is a very effective method of ensuring that the children and staff in our school are protected all the time they are using our ICT resources.

Green Lane Primary School

Kevin Holland - Headteacher

the eSafe service protects our pupils and staff unobtrusively and efficiently, providing accurate warning of users at risk and those who breach our ICT Code of Conduct. This gives my safeguarding and pastoral colleagues peace of mind, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on intervention