Can you spot the cyber bully?

eSafe can.

Welcome to eSafe, the unique service that’s designed to protect your students and your staff from safeguarding risks - with a unique triple-lock approach to monitoring all activity on your IT devices.

Established in 2009, we were pioneers in the monitoring sector and have been setting the highest standards ever since. Our innovative service is constantly evolving to keep pace with the increasing demands placed on education leaders to know exactly what is occurring within their establishments. Not only does eSafe protect students and staff from the growing list of potentially harmful or inappropriate behaviours, it also removes the heavy and time-consuming burden from education leaders.

What makes it unique is the capability to detect safeguarding risks early, so intervention can be fast. Ultimately helping to safeguard the reputation of you and your establishment.

eSafe helps you meet the required standards

  • “Keeping Children Safe in Education” (Department for Education)
  • Prevent duty
  • Ofsted
  • Schools Inspection Service 

Meet our MD, Mark Donkersley

Our unique insight into the behaviour and ‘health’ of children and young people means that our MD, Mark Donkersley, often provides briefings on safety in the digital environments to HM Government Select Committees in the Commons and Lords (UK), and the e-Safety Commissioner’s Office in Australia.

eSafe helps you create a supportive environment

Student well-being is high on the education agenda. The  markers we detect will give you an accurate picture of the challenges that your students are facing at any given time. It also provides an accurate baseline for measuring and assessing your safeguarding strategies. So you can tailor your pastoral care to create the most supportive environment, minimising risk and stimulating learning.