The Challenge

Protecting the health, safety and welfare of students and staff in today’s digital world is a difficult task. The opportunities for unsafe and harmful behaviour are magnified, and meeting your statutory safeguarding obligations is an increasing challenge.

At eSafe, it is our mission to provide a secure framework to exploit the vast educational resources of the Internet and digital environment whilst delivering a world-class service to identify and manage safeguarding issues as they arise.

eSafe manages the risk of exposure to safeguarding risk and provides early visibility of inappropriate behaviour via sophisticated, multi-lingual, threat detection technology and a unique specialist incident review, assessment and escalation service.

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About Us

eSafe is a specialist world-class forensic monitoring service designed to help safeguard students and staff against the risks they encounter every day.

Using a proven combination of technology and human behavioural expertise, eSafe helps protect in excess of 600,000 students and staff, and vulnerable young people in local authority care.

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Who we are


Bolton 6th Form College

Sandra McManus - Vice Principal

We could never go back to trying to do it ourselves with traditional software monitoring: we simply couldn’t review the large volume of incidents that came through as well as eSafe do.  Even if I did dedicate a member of staff to reviewing incidents full time, they wouldn’t have the expertise in the range of behaviours, or the language skills needed, for picking up markers of threats on IT equipment that’s accessed by our multi-lingual student population.  I feel a lot more secure with eSafe in place.

Blessed Hugh Farringdon School

Jonathan Curtis - Deputy Head

Over 20% of children at Blessed Hugh Farringdon are Polish. But because eSafe is multi-lingual and recognises the characters of almost any language, it means the school is able to provide protection regardless of ethnicity and background. The Virtual Teaching Assistant is set up to deliver pop-up messages in other, non English languages, based upon the user id where necessary.

Rugby Girls High School

Charlotte Marten - Head Teacher

"Student and staff behaviour has changed dramatically and for the better since we deployed the Service. These days, it is rare for someone to look at an inappropriate website or to use inappropriate language on line. We have been able to allow students to use YouTube as a resource (something we’d never have contemplated before installing the monitoring software). We have noticed an increasing professional approach to the use of school ICT equipment on the part of staff and students. Until we had e-Safe I thought our ICT system was locked down and relatively safe. I was very surprised by some of the material and content that were being flagged up initially."

"I feel confident now that the school can protect students from cyber-bullying; that if a member of staff were misusing school equipment I’d know about it; and that if a student was thinking of harming herself, I’d know, if she’d used ICT to search for information or to express an intention."