About us

About Us

Safeguarding the community in a digital world

Who are eSafe?

eSafe is a division of eSafe Global Limited providing a unique, world-class forensic monitoring and reporting technology with expertise from the highly specialised field of digital forensics.

Operating alongside specialist group resources, including CEOP trained staff, experts in the fields of Digital Forensics, IT Security and Data Protection, eSafe delivers a unique service to protect and encourage responsible behaviour in the on-line and digital world.

Our Experience

With valuable experience and knowledge of child behaviour in the digital world, eSafe take responsibility for operational monitoring, contribute to policy setting groups and advise on areas relating to new and emerging threats, leaving educationalists to focus on the education of young people and intervention issues.

Each year our daily analysis of behaviour and material provides extensive and unique insight into real time online and offline activities of students and staff. This knowledge is used to create the most advanced and world-leading threat detection libraries available, ensuring e-Safe clients receive the best protection available in today's market.


Havering 6th Form College

Director - Director of IT

What has been useful about e-Safe is not just the major incidents which have been picked up, e.g. suicidality, physical abuse etc but also the lower level material especially around mental health. We have been alerted to students doing searches around depression out of concern for their own mental health. This enabled us to intervene and present them with various options in terms of obtaining appropriate help

Havering College

Lorri Garnell - Safeguarding, Prevent & Operations Officer

I have found eSafe very efficient when identifying students who may be feeling vulnerable but have not voiced it to any staff members. eSafe alerts the college to students revealing early warning signs of depression, anxiety, suicide risk etc. We can quickly follow up to determine if they need support within the college or wish to be referred to an external support service.

Blessed Hugh Farringdon School

Terry Bartrum - Network Manager

eSafe can be fully customised to meet our own specific school requirements; so we get to define how strictly we want the system to operate and eSafe manage the settings on our behalf. For example we don’t have the image filters turned up to the highest level for certain classes such as art and other lessons, so as not to restrict searches