About us

About Us

Safeguarding the community in a digital world

Who are eSafe?

eSafe is a division of eSafe Systems Limited providing a unique, world-class forensic monitoring and reporting technology with expertise from the highly specialised field of digital forensics.

Operating alongside specialist group resources, including CEOP trained staff, experts in the fields of Digital Forensics, IT Security and Data Protection, eSafe delivers a unique service to protect and encourage responsible behaviour in the on-line and digital world.

Our Experience

With valuable experience and knowledge of child behaviour in the digital world, eSafe take responsibility for operational monitoring, contribute to policy setting groups and advise on areas relating to new and emerging threats, leaving educationalists to focus on the education of young people and intervention issues.

Each year our daily analysis of behaviour and material provides extensive and unique insight into real time online and offline activities of students and staff. This knowledge is used to create the most advanced and world-leading threat detection libraries available, ensuring e-Safe clients receive the best protection available in today's market.


Hillside High School

Jonathan Lowe - Information Systems Manager

We realised that safety using ICT and the Internet was not just an ICT departmental concern but a whole school safeguarding issue. We chose eSafe because it addressed our requirements using a proactive approach that was supported by professionals who are highly trained and impartial; the service provision meant we could be confident that issues would be identified regardless of our team’s workload. As Information Systems Manager I supported the procurement and implementation of eSafe within school, however its use is firmly embedded within the pastoral support provision of the school and was funded directly from the schools central budget.

Manchester Creative Media & Arts Academy

Liza Carr - Vice Principal

For users, the single biggest benefit since the introduction of eSafe has been that we have been able to open up our systems and not be so restrictive or proscribed. It has also allowed us to see a policy in practice, with eSafe providing the evidence to show that the policies are being followed and that they are effective, confirmed by a recent comment from a pupil to an Ofsted inspector that they genuinely felt safer than before the Forensic Monitoring Service was deployed.

Gateacre Community Comprehensive School

Paul Coulthard - Head of ICT

The eSafe solution is a cornerstone of our e-safety strategy. Senior Leadership took the decision to introduce Web 2.0 activities into the curriculum and we chose to move to the eSafe Forensic Monitoring Service to ensure that we were able to provide the best possible Safeguarding measures. Whilst we had the technical resource in house, it would have meant taking technicians off important ICT work to do work that they are really not experienced to do. Now we have eSafe’s Forensic experts reviewing the data, we can guarantee that nothing is missed or worse still, misinterpreted. As a result, we are confident that any issues are flagged to the pastoral or behavioural teams on a regular and timely basis. Just a week after the service had been deployed, a young female student posted disturbing content on her social networking page relating to self-harm. The eSafe team immediately flagged this with us and within an hour our Child Protection Officer was able to talk to the student and her parents to resolve the issue. In the past, this incident may not have been picked up until the Monday morning which could have had serious consequences for the girl over the weekend. Feedback from staff and governors has been that the service paid for itself from that one incident alone.