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Our mission to keep young people safe & enhance their wellbeing

Every young person has the right to feel safe.

Established in 2009, eSafe is a company founded on the belief that nothing is more important than ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of young people and keeping them safe from harm. It’s a belief that’s shared by everyone, from parents and carers to educators and bodies such as OFSTED and SIS, and it’s why we all put so much effort into ensuring their safety.

It’s also why current legislation requires our schools and colleges to safeguard students from potential risks, as well as promote their overall wellbeing and welfare.

Are we doing enough to protect our students?

The intelligence that makes effective safeguarding possible comes from the eyes and ears of staff, parents and carers, specialist outside agencies, as well as the students themselves. And in this digital age of ours, it must also come from the monitoring of activity in the digital environment as this can provide one of the richest sources of behaviour markers, and gives visibility to activity that would otherwise go undetected.

It’s a complex jigsaw of interdependent intelligence sources, and if any piece is missing then the safety we all desire for our young people can be compromised.

So it is imperative that everyone involved with education is one hundred percent sure they are doing everything in their power to guarantee that safety. But the truth of the matter is, it’s only by having eSafe as an integral part of your safeguarding strategy that you can be certain you are.

What makes eSafe so different?

As a company, eSafe is passionate about keeping young people safe from harm and ensuring their welfare and wellbeing. It is our mission in life.

The way we go about achieving that challenging mission is by working tirelessly to keep up with the fast-moving and ever-changing subtleties in language associated with risks, updating our threat libraries not every few months or weeks, but each and every day. It’s something no other monitoring service does.

Our ability to identify the very latest nuances in vocabulary related to safeguarding risk is an integral part of our TripleLock system. It’s a solution that already protects more than 1,000,000 children and young people across the UK, and it does so by bringing together advanced intelligent detection technology, highly skilled behaviour analysts and the InsightLab experts who update our threat libraries constantly across a wide variety of languages.

We’re here to help you play your part.

Total protection for young people should be a minimum requirement for us all. And with the support of eSafe’s pioneering capabilities, you can rest assured that we do everything we possibly can through the early identification of risks to safety, welfare and wellbeing, so that you can intervene fast.

At eSafe we refuse to compromise on safety. We can help you do the same.

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