Latest Fortnite trend: "Strip Fortnite"

06 December 2018

'Strip Fortnite' is a new trend being driven by Vloggers looking to boost their viewing figures, and is based around stripping off while playing the game.

The Strip Fortnite video format involves the camera recording the player (almost always male) with a companion (almost always female) playing a game of Fortnite.  For every 'kill' the player gets, the companion must remove one item of clothing. 

This trend is of particular concern given how many younger children play Fortnite and watch related videos: 'Strip Fortnite' videos are easy to come by and receive millions of views.

In reality, it is usually someone stripping to their underwear at worst. Sometimes the videos actually only feature game-play footage and no stripping at all.  The more comical videos feature girls in excessive amounts of clothing. Others are 'accidentally' interrupted by someone walking into the room.

However, parents should be aware that searches for Fortnite can lead to porn sites if the correct filters aren't in place, and should be vigilant of copycat behaviour with webcams.


Parents need to be aware of 'copycat' behaviour when their children have access to webcams

Good to know

  • The restricted version of YouTube, YouTube kids, does not allow Fortnite videos, other than dance videos which contain no inappropriate content.

  • Most 'Strip Fornite' videos on YouTube's main platform do not have an age rating. This means children who have outgrown YouTube Kids don't need to sign in to view them.

  • Searching for the term 'Strip Fortnite' can bring up results including adult sites like Pornhub. In this uncensored environment, 'Strip Fortnite' videos can contain full-frontal nudity and worse. Age-appropriate filters will prevent this.