Staying up to date with the 'KCSiE' guidance from the Department for Education
03 October 2019

Safeguarding is an increasing responsibility for education leaders and the Inspectorate want to see an approach that ensures they’re always up to date, prepared and delivering accordingly.

Dai Durbridge, a Partner at legal firm Browne Jacobson, has summarised the important revisions to the latest KCSiE guidance as follows:

1. Peer on peer abuse – now includes upskirting as a form of abuse.

2. Serious violence has also been added as a specific safeguarding issue.

The 'Serious Violence Strategy' was introduced by the government in 2018 and sets out the government’s response to serious violence and recent increases in knife crime, gun crime and homicide.  Tackling county lines and misuse of drugs are key components of the Serious Violence Strategy – and school staff are required to look out for the early warning signs of young people being pulled into criminal networks and gangs.

3. Section 128 DBS – new checks for governors. Those who are the subject of a section 128 order are disqualified from being governors.

4. Schools/colleges are not required to carry out enhanced DBS checks on associate members of a maintained school governing body.

"All staff should be aware of indicators, which may signal that children are at risk from, or involved with serious violent crime."

Extract from the latest (Sept 2019) KCSiE guidance

It’s more of a tweak than a whole-scale review of the guidance, so getting up to speed and acting on the changes shouldn’t be a big ask.

Dai Durbridge, Partner at Browne Jacobson

What schools and colleges need to do

  • Review your current monitoring system to ensure it has the ability to detect the early warning signs of a young person at risk of being drawn into county lines and other criminal gangs.

  • Review and refresh your safeguarding policies, including the addition of upskirting and serious violence.

  • Educate staff and ensure they understand the latest changes, particularly upskirting and the consequences of this.

  • Ensure training is up to date and your training provider covers new safeguarding topics to reflect the changes.

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