For Vulnerable Young People

For Vulnerable Young People In Care

Appropriate proactive monitoring

eSafe enables a local authority and care providers to effectively capture markers of safeguarding risk involving vulnerable young people in care.

Proactive monitoring of computer devices provided to children and young people in care is a valuable component to ensuring their safety and a useful barometer of the effectiveness of a Children’s Services strategy and intervention policy.

With many years experience of close cooperation with the multi agency teams and specialist care providers, eSafe can deliver a localised, flexible service with the appropriate escalation protocol to protect and educate vulnerable young people.

Unique Value

The eSafe Service is an intelligence-led early warning system that detects inappropriate IT activity 24 x 7. It uses forensic techniques to monitor imagery, language, Internet activity and off-line use, and informs as appropriate those charged with child safety of evident abuse.

The eSafe Service is a completely outsourced, managed service with all server hosting, incident monitoring, incident reporting and escalation, parameter setting and configuration,  and software systems updates and maintenance performed by eSafe staff.

The service is deployed remotely within minutes and can be localised to cater for the specific monitoring requirements of individual young people in care.

Multiple nominated contacts for reporting and escalation can be accommodated and the information routed depending on the user involved and/or the nature or severity of the incident.

The reviewed incident records are retained to build a pattern of behaviour, historic activity and to provide the basis for trend analysis.

At all times eSafe have been responsive and collaborative, working with us to provide the right information to the right people in a timely manner. Having qualified people able to check individual items of concern flagged up by the system has been invaluable and I would recommend eSafe without reservation

Sharon Jay, Norfolk County Council


Havering College

Lorri Garnell - Safeguarding, Prevent & Operations Officer

I have found eSafe very efficient when identifying students who may be feeling vulnerable but have not voiced it to any staff members. eSafe alerts the college to students revealing early warning signs of depression, anxiety, suicide risk etc. We can quickly follow up to determine if they need support within the college or wish to be referred to an external support service.

The Brittons Academy

R J Ayre - Vice Principal

At The Brittons Academy we have found the eSafe service to be an extremely useful tool in many ways. The service has school wide benefits as a safeguarding solution and as such is funded through our core school budget .From a safeguarding point of view eSafe is very good and the escalation of incidents is very quick and efficient. In the past we had to rely on our staff viewing all of the issues raised by our previous monitoring software, now that is done for us. The monitoring is accurate and up to date with the terminology used by our students. We receive escalations immediately if a serious risk is identified and immediate action can be taken. Less serious events are reported to us on a weekly basis so that additional appropriate actions can also be taken. We are now looking at how this can be moved out to students homes so that parents can also be confident that their sons/daughters are safe when using computers .I would recommend the product and service provided eSafe specialist monitoring team for serious consideration by any school.

Grove House Primary

Paul Tillotson - Site Manager

The eSafe service is very easy to install and deploy; you don’t even notice it is there and it does exactly what it says it does.