eSafe works every hour of every day

365 days a year.

Triple-lock protection

We use a unique, triple-lock approach to monitor all activity on your IT devices and protect your students and staff from safeguarding risks:

Intelligent detection software

Our innovative software goes way beyond other solutions to intercept the widest range of safeguarding risks with forensic accuracy.  Using the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has learned from multiple examples of genuine and benign incidents over it’s 8 year history to recognise accurately the markers of safeguarding risks in their early stages.

  • Detects threats in any language
  • Interprets slang and dialect
  • Searches static and moving images

Expert behaviour analysis

Currently, AI needs multiple examples of genuine and benign safeguarding incidents in order to identify patterns and learn. By the time it’s learnt it may be too late. That’s why our team of highly-skilled Behaviour Analysts are trained to detect the earliest warning signs of inappropriate or harmful behaviour.  They review all incidents flagged by our detection software, objectively and in context, to determine whether they are genuine.

  • Multi-lingual expertise – language not a barrier
  • Threat levels accurately assessed and graded
  • Genuine risks distinguished from false positives

Dynamic threat libraries

Threat libraries are intended to catalogue all the markers of risk. But sometimes, as soon that list of terms and phrases is compiled, it can already be yesterday’s news. The team in our InsightLab works tirelessly to keep our threat library as accurate and up to date as possible. They do this by:

  • Researching and collaborating with our own clients as well as specialist agencies to identify local, national and international behaviour trends.
  • Exploring emerging markers and safeguarding threats
  • Adding new terms and phrases daily; removing redundant terms and phrases frequently
  • Automatically updating our software to keep it up to date  so you don’t need to wait for upgrades or software releases

How our service works