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A comprehensive service designed to detect safeguarding risks early, so you can intervene fast

Grooming, paedophile activity, child abuse and sexualisation, FGM, HBT, racism, bullying and harassment, self-harm/suicide, radicalisation, threats of violence, terrorist activity, trafficking and gang culture - these are the safeguarding risks we need to be vigilant of in today’s digital world.

At eSafe, we understand that keeping children and young people safe, when they’re using the school’s ICT system, is all about identifying these risks early, and then putting the necessary intervention strategies in place to stop them from escalating.

That’s why we offer a unique, comprehensive monitoring solution, providing not one, but three, vital components for detecting early safeguarding risks; not just during term time and school or college hours, but 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Select the links opposite and below to find out more about the world class service from eSafe.

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eSafe: The 3 vital components for detecting safeguarding risks

Advanced Detection Software

Leading the way in forensic monitoring technology, our highly sophisticated text and image detection software offers accuracy across a diverse range of safeguarding risks, offering:

The unique ability to detect risks in any language

  • Content written, wholly or partly, in a foreign language script
  • Foreign language that is written using an English keyboard (Romanised)
  • Slang or text-speak variants
  • Words and phrases that reflect a cultural meaning that doesn’t translate to English

The unique ability to detect risks through both static and moving imagery

Extreme behaviour markers are often detected through imagery, typically moving imagery, on webcam, chat roulette and encrypted applications like Skype. Unlike traditional monitoring software, eSafe doesn’t only rely on text or meta data to detect these areas, it has the capability to monitor static and moving images in isolation.

Expert Interpretation & Assessment

Our specialist team of highly trained, multi-lingual, behavioural experts work behind-the-scenes, dedicating their time and exceptional skills to:

  • Review all incidents in context
  • Identify the early warning indicators of inappropriate and harmful behaviour
  • Distinguish between the genuine issues, requiring intervention, and the false positives.
  • Interpret and assess the true meaning of words, phrases, slang and text speak in different languages
  • Use their rich knowledge of different cultures to identify early risk

Dynamic Threat Libraries – updated daily

Through constant research into the new markers of threats, and by working in collaboration with external specialist agencies and schools, our experts update and refine our threat libraries on a daily basis to detect emerging behavioural trends at an international, national and local level.

For example, the intelligence gathered from our sex offender monitoring work, on behalf of UK Police Forces, is used to ensure the grooming and paedophile threat library is always up to date and new markers, that identify the latest trends in behaviour, are created.

Part of the eSafe service also includes creating and maintaining bespoke threat libraries for individual schools to cope with local issues, such as gang culture and slang, that would otherwise be missed with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


Hillside High School

Jonathan Lowe - Information Systems Manager

We realised that safety using ICT and the Internet was not just an ICT departmental concern but a whole school safeguarding issue. We chose eSafe because it addressed our requirements using a proactive approach that was supported by professionals who are highly trained and impartial; the service provision meant we could be confident that issues would be identified regardless of our team’s workload. As Information Systems Manager I supported the procurement and implementation of eSafe within school, however its use is firmly embedded within the pastoral support provision of the school and was funded directly from the schools central budget.

The Brittons Academy

R J Ayre - Vice Principal

At The Brittons Academy we have found the eSafe service to be an extremely useful tool in many ways. The service has school wide benefits as a safeguarding solution and as such is funded through our core school budget .From a safeguarding point of view eSafe is very good and the escalation of incidents is very quick and efficient. In the past we had to rely on our staff viewing all of the issues raised by our previous monitoring software, now that is done for us. The monitoring is accurate and up to date with the terminology used by our students. We receive escalations immediately if a serious risk is identified and immediate action can be taken. Less serious events are reported to us on a weekly basis so that additional appropriate actions can also be taken. We are now looking at how this can be moved out to students homes so that parents can also be confident that their sons/daughters are safe when using computers .I would recommend the product and service provided eSafe specialist monitoring team for serious consideration by any school.

Havering 6th Form College

Director - Director of IT

What has been useful about e-Safe is not just the major incidents which have been picked up, e.g. suicidality, physical abuse etc but also the lower level material especially around mental health. We have been alerted to students doing searches around depression out of concern for their own mental health. This enabled us to intervene and present them with various options in terms of obtaining appropriate help