Do you know the latest code word for ecstasy?


The insight you need to detect risks

When it comes to identifying safeguarding risks using the digital environment, which is arguably one of the richest behaviour markers, there are three hard facts:

  • The markers of some threats can be imagery alone. That’s why our software features unique Image Detection Technology.
  • You can’t detect risks if you don’t know the signs, words, phrases and behaviours that are linked to them
  • The early warning signs can be so subtle, it’s easy to misinterpret them – or miss them altogether.

It’s the latter 2 facts that drives the strategic thinking behind our InsightLab.

Every time we’ve had a review about whether we can afford eSafe and should we be spending the money the answer is always categorically ‘yes we need it’…we just cannot do this kind of sophisticated monitoring ourselves

Sandra McManus - Assistant Principal, Bolton 6th Form College.

Every day brings new threats

We know that the people behind serious behaviours can continually come up with new terminology to avoid detection. And trends in behaviour constantly change and evolve. It’s the reason we update the markers in our Threat Library on a daily basis. Not just in English, but in all the languages, slang and dialect that your students are using. The latest key words and phrases are automatically added to our monitoring criteria. Every day. Without fail. And that’s something you don’t get from other safeguarding solutions.

Specialist knowledge

And it pays to know your subject matter. That’s why we also work with our own clients and a wide range of specialist organisations. People who have in-depth knowledge of the emerging local, national and international trends in everything from bullying and mental health to radicalisation, grooming and FGM. With their help and expertise, we can explore all the words and phrases that are associated with individual risks, factoring them into our analysis to provide the ultimate in safeguarding protection.

Expert detection skills

Some safeguarding solutions rely on your own staff to spot suspicious behaviour or flag risks. But let’s be honest. It’s unlikely that they’re as objective or qualified as our Behaviour Analysts are to identify, assess and interpret those extremely subtle early warning signs. Or that they speak the same language as all your students – literally and metaphorically. It’s not only time consuming but also a burden and responsibility that doesn’t just weigh heavily on appointed monitoring staff; it also has the potential to place your staff and students at serious risk. Only eSafe offers the intelligent detection software, expert behaviour analysis and dynamic threat libraries you need to safeguard your school against risk - right around the clock.